Very important detail: hold up your fingers for how many hot dogs you want for lunch!

We teach the youth in our neighborhood at our summer Bible Camps

“Go therefore, and teach all nations . . . (Matt 28:19)”


The most precious gift we can share with one another is the gift of our Faith. One of the developing pieces of our charism is the apostolate of teaching. As members of our community complete their theology studies, we will begin to teach religion in Catholic schools and in parishes through religious education programs. Following the example of St. Francis, we will focus our efforts on serving schools and parishes with little resources in poor neighborhoods.

Kids lay the Gifts of the Holy Spirit by the Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue, where their Thank you letter to Jesus were also presented earlier that day.

Youth at Bible Camp presenting their petitions before the Sacred Heart of Jesus

While we prepare to enter more fully into this apostolate, we do have ongoing opportunities to develop our teaching skills. We do this by giving presentations at parish events and retreats and hosting Bible camps for the youth in our neighborhood, as well as regularly visiting Catholic schools to speak to the students about our Catholic faith and vocations.


“May your first and supreme desire therefore be to witness to the fact that God should be listened to and loved with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your might, before any other person or thing.”

~ Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI